8 ways to use Coconut Oil

Extra virgin coconut oil is regarded by many as the ‘must have’ nutrient for the brain. The recommendation for over 60s is “a table spoon a day to keep dementia at bay”. (Good Mercadonas in Spain have a 450ml pot for under 5 euros).

The only problem is that Liquid coconut oil is like medicine. It sticks in the throat and can cause reflux – ie can make you want to throw up. So the answer is NOT to take it as a liquid. In the summer, keep your coconut oil in the fridge where it becomes hard like butter.

Here are some ways to eat / drink it.

  1. Lettuce wrap – use lettuce instead of bread. Place cheese or ham and a tea spoon of hard coconut oil in the middle – fold over and eat. Add salt etc to taste.
  2. Salad bowl – add flakes of hard coconut oil to the mix as you would add seeds or nuts. Dress with olive oil and apple vinegar. The sharpness of the Apple vinegar masks the slightly sweet taste of the coconut oil.
  3. Celery & cream cheese – a good snack is a stick of celery dunked first into the jar of hard coconut oil, then into cream cheese. The cream cheese masks the taste of the coconut oil.
  4. Pork Rind & cream cheese – instead of celery you can use pork rinds. (Look for Corteza de cerdo in Consum).
  5. Pork Rind & Sobrasada. you can use sobrasada (meat paste) or paté instead of cream cheese
  6. Yoghurt mix – First melt a table spoon of coconut oil in a bowl – 30 seconds in the microwave won’t do it any harm. Then mix in seeds or chocolate powder, and some stevia, if you want it sweet. Then add a small pot of Greek yoghurt or natural yoghurt and stir briskly. The coconut oil goes hard quickly, so to get a stracciatella effect you need to move quickly.
  7. Liquid Yoghurt mix. Add some melted coconut oil to the jar of liquid yoghurt and stir briskly. The cold will make it go solid. So it wont be unpleasant.
  8. Fried onions / veg – when you fry an onion or veg, add a tea spoon of coconut oil first, then the butter or oil. The coconut oil stops butter burning. This works well in soups. Not so good in fried or scrambled eggs where the taste of the coconut oil is very noticeable.

Coconut oil & Coffee is a No No – you will see on the internet that some people get there daily dose of coconut oil by mixing it with cream in their mid-morning coffee. This a good way to ruin a nice coffee and put you right off coconut oi . There are so many other more palatable ways to get your daily dose of coconut oil.

Sugar + gluten = inflammation