Anti-Limescale Water Conditioner

The water in Valencia is rated as “extremely hard” and causes endless problems if it is not treated in some way.  Most of the flats under our management are fitted with a HydroFlow, which uses radio waves within an electric field to:

  • Prevent the formation of incrustations of limescale
  • Eliminate existing limescale
  • Prevent corrosion with a ´skin effect
  • Break down Fixed chlorine and reduce levels of harmful chloramines.
  • Reduce risk of  bacteria and algae

HydroFlow is the physical water treatment that really works.  It makes the water less aggressive and kinder to the skin, without giving it that silky / oily feel that you get with de-calcified water.  HydroFlow prolongs the life of  water heaters and washing machines.  It stops limescale blocking your pipes, ensuring a good pressure in the shower.   With HydroFlow you will never need to renew your pipes.

Hydroflow Itash (S38)

In our view, HydroFlow is the best preventive maintenance.

Click Hydroflow, the Mercedes of water conditioners for the full story.

Our first installation was in 2009
This is our first installation was in 2009

In a flat, HydroFlow is normally installed on the cold water pipe leading to the water heater.  The signals go in both directions and will reach all pipes in a flat or duplex.

ENTIRE BUILDINGS – HydroFlow  also supply an industrial model that installs on the entrance of water to a building of flats that will protect all the flats from limescale.

Un edificio protegido por HydroFlow
A building protected by HydroFlow (with  redundant decalcifier)