Iberdrola and Gas Natural are not cheap

Our Property Management includes getting the best deals for our clients.  You can save approx. 10% on your fuel bill by changing suppliers. ELECTRICITY & GAS If you have Electricity and Gas, we recommend moving both to EDP (the French company) for best rates.  Gas Natural also bills for electricity.  But after the initial offer the price goes through the roof. EDP contact:  900 907 000  / atclientes@edpenergia.es ELECTRICITY ONLY Right now, our preferred alternative to Iberdrola is Endesa.  You still pay Iberdrola, so no need to make changes there.   But instead of 0.17 euros per KwH, the price is 0.14 euros  (17.6% less) and you get two hours of electricity free every day.  Most people chose 8pm to 10pm for their free hours.  The only catch is that there is a monthly maintenance charge of 2.60 euros + IVA.  For most users, this is nothing compared with the savings.  Also the maintenance will be useful, if ever you get a problem and need to get someone in.  Emergency call out electricians are very expensive. Endesa contact:   666 095 590 (whatsapp Fran/Angela)

Save electricity with a timer

If you use an electric water heater you can reduce your energy bill by using a timer and setting to be on a few hours at the beginning and end of the day.
An electric water + timer + Hydroflow
An electric water + timer + Hydroflow
  However there is an undesired side effect, you get even more problems with limescale.  In hard water area, limescale forms when there is a change in temperature or in pressure.  If the water heater is switched on and off, the water will cool down then warm up.  So the water heater will scale up, which has two effects. 1)  limescale absorbs heat.  A layer of scale in the heater and in the pipes will increase the amount of energy consumed to get hot water to shower. 2) the water heater will become clogged up with scale and need to be replaced every 5 years or so. If you use an electric water heater, you need something to stop the formation of limescale. And that something is the Hydroflow S38 (Itash).
Hydroflow S38/ Itash prevents limescale
Hydroflow S38/ Itash prevents limescale
Hydroflow uses radio waves with signals measure in kiloherz (kHz) to prevent the formation of hard limescale and to dissolve existing limescale.  This is the same Hydroflow that is used to prevent scale in Steam ovens and steam baths and works very well with the very hard water in Spain. Our sister web site ww.aguaeco.com has more info and a very good offer for  on-line customers.  Click AGUAECO to find out more Haga clic en AGUAECO-ESP para ver la pagina en castellano.
Hydroflow protects a gas water heater
Hydroflow also protects a gas water heater from limescale

Meningitis Alert

In recent years, a number of ex-pats have been struck down with viral meningitis.  The Spanish in the campo talk about a 'Tiger mosquito', a mosquito bite seems to be the cause in most cases. Meningitis is a serious condition causing swelling of the brain and leaves an older person with bad headaches, no energy and no will to do anything ... for six months or more.  I researched this last year for the partner of a friend of mine, who was at her wits end.  The doctors said it should go away after a few weeks.  But it went on for months. Their story was this.  They were cleaning up the family country house in Picassent, when my friend got bitten and became ill. His partner spotted the symptoms and pointed the doctors in the right direction.  She knew something was up, because her first husband had died from meningitis a few years before. You can see the results of my google research on Meningitis sequela ADVICE - The advice to anyone living outside the city, is make sure that you have insect repellent close to hand, when you are working in the garden.   You can also use the gel from an aloe vera plant.  Insects don't seem to like the aloe bitters.  But you are safer with an insect repellent. If you get flu like symptoms combined with headaches, see a doctor straight away and make sure they test for meningitis. Make sure you have medical cover. If you 'work' as an autonomo for a few months you are entitled to a Spanish SIP card and cover from the Spanish national health.  Otherwise you need a medical insurance, such as ADESLA.