Iberdrola and Gas Natural are not cheap

Our Property Management includes getting the best deals for our clients.  You can save approx. 10% on your fuel bill by changing suppliers.


If you have Electricity and Gas, we recommend moving both to EDP (the French company) for best rates.  Gas Natural also bills for electricity.  But after the initial offer the price goes through the roof.

EDP contact:  900 907 000  / atclientes@edpenergia.es


Right now, our preferred alternative to Iberdrola is Endesa.  You still pay Iberdrola, so no need to make changes there.   But instead of 0.17 euros per KwH, the price is 0.14 euros  (17.6% less) and you get two hours of electricity free every day.  Most people chose 8pm to 10pm for their free hours.  The only catch is that there is a monthly maintenance charge of 2.60 euros + IVA.  For most users, this is nothing compared with the savings.  Also the maintenance will be useful, if ever you get a problem and need to get someone in.  Emergency call out electricians are very expensive.

Endesa contact:   666 095 590 (whatsapp Fran/Angela)