Insulate to avoid extremes of temperature

Generally flats in Valencia are not well insulated for noise or for temperature.  The solution is to insulate, especially if you are in a top floor.

EXTERNAL WALLS   –  If a room is hit by the sun in the summer, you can reduce the temperature in the room by installing an extra layer of plasterboard with a layer of insulation .  This will cost 3 cms of room space. It is even better if you can leave an air gap between the wall and plasterboard.

CEILING INSULATION  –  Good insulation can reduce the temperature in a top floor room by 10%.  In a middle floor it will minimize the noise from the neighbours above you.

The best and most economical solution is as follows

  • Fit insulation felt to the ceiling
  • Install a metal frame with more felt,  leaving an air gap
  • Fit plain plasterboard to the frame.
  • Finish the plasterboard with a skim coat of plaster for a perfect finish.
  • Fit a ceiling fan for maximum comfort.
ceiling frame with insulation
ceiling frame with insulation

This lowers the ceiling by 4 cm, but makes all the difference

with new layer of plasterboard
with new layer of plasterboard
Finshed with a celing fan
Finshed with a celing fan

RENTAL FLATS  –   If the landlord objects, go to the local office for the Protection of the Consumer to force the issue.  Good insulation is energy saving and to be encouraged.   The Ombudsman for the Comunidad is in Calle Guardia Civil, which is the next level.

We work with specialists.  The price is 130 euros per square metre approx.  To get a quote, please fill in the contact form.

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