Keto & Excercise

You can eat as well as you can, but without regular exercise your body will let you down eventually.  If weight is an issue, then exercise will help you get to where you want to be, and stay there.

“Advice is offensive” as per Samuel Johnson.  Everyone has their own way.  So this is not advice, rather a record of what I do.

WALK LOTS  – on the flat in Valencia

GYM TWICE A WEEK – A typical session is no more than an hour long.  15-20 minutes in the gym, 10 minutes in the steam bath and 10 minutes in the jacuzzi.  The rest of the time is changing, showering etc.  I do this just before lunch, when I am not tired out.

My 15 minutes in gym involves short bursts of intense activity.  For example I start with 5 minutes on the elyptical machine – a sort of treamill with handles so you cannot fall off.   I do one minute to warm up, then a I go as fast as I can for 10 seconds.  then back to normal.  At the start of the next minute I ‘give it 10’ again.

I used to do 6 minutes.  But by going for it in short bursts, I have cut it back to five minutes.  I see others in the gym, doing a steady speed for 20 minutes or more, which could become very boring I imagine.

After the elyptical machine, I do some mat work, trunk curls, bottom lifts, leg lifts.  two sets of 20.  I do one leg at a time, which suits an older body.

After that I do one set of 20 pushes and pulls on 6 different machines.  I go a weight I can manage without straining myself …. 5 or 6 out 10.  I do the sets quite quickly.

The monitor in  the gym would have given me a much longer routine.  So I haven’t troubled the monitor, apart from getting myself weighed once a month.

I don’t do medical insurance .  Instead I pay a monthly sub to the gym, which is my preventative maintenance.

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