Meningitis Alert

In recent years, a number of ex-pats have been struck down with viral meningitis.  The Spanish in the campo talk about a 'Tiger mosquito', a mosquito bite seems to be the cause in most cases. Meningitis is a serious condition causing swelling of the brain and leaves an older person with bad headaches, no energy and no will to do anything ... for six months or more.  I researched this last year for the partner of a friend of mine, who was at her wits end.  The doctors said it should go away after a few weeks.  But it went on for months. Their story was this.  They were cleaning up the family country house in Picassent, when my friend got bitten and became ill. His partner spotted the symptoms and pointed the doctors in the right direction.  She knew something was up, because her first husband had died from meningitis a few years before. You can see the results of my google research on Meningitis sequela ADVICE - The advice to anyone living outside the city, is make sure that you have insect repellent close to hand, when you are working in the garden.   You can also use the gel from an aloe vera plant.  Insects don't seem to like the aloe bitters.  But you are safer with an insect repellent. If you get flu like symptoms combined with headaches, see a doctor straight away and make sure they test for meningitis. Make sure you have medical cover. If you 'work' as an autonomo for a few months you are entitled to a Spanish SIP card and cover from the Spanish national health.  Otherwise you need a medical insurance, such as ADESLA.

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