Projects & Construction

Inmogesvlc offers the services of an Arquitect and a Structural Engineer, to help in property valuations and to manage construction work.

Emilio Pérez is our bi-lingual arquitect, providing the full range of services from energy certificates to architectural drawings.

He specialises in Reformas, working with reputable construction companies in Valencia. Recent work includes installing centralised air conditioning systems, bespoke window systems and traditional Valencian blinds.    Emilio normally works on a fixed price. So there is no chance of costs running out of control.

Emilio at your service
Emilio at your service

In Valencia, it is difficult to get fixed price building work. Constructors tend to pitch low and the final cost almost always ends up higher by 25% at least, unless you have a project manager to control the work. As an architect, Emilio gives you the best chance to bring in your project on budget.

Structural Engineering

Engineering services include:

  • Industrial
  • Building Structural Reports
  • Facilities
  • Security and health
  • Energy efficiency Audit (cogeneration, renewable energy, etc.).
  • Environment and environmental impact.
  • Certifications
  • Legalization of activities and works.
  • Business valuations and appraisals, machinery, trade, damage, etc.
  • Improvements and changes in production processes and costs in industries.
  • Authorizations and licenses to organizations.
  • Technical advice