Welcome to Inmogesvlc

InmoGesVlc provides a comprehensive service for homes and buildings. It has been a rental agent in Valencia since 2005, first as ValenciaShortStay.com. We bring a wealth of experience in the rent for the owners who want a reputable company to take care of your property. The name of our platform may need some explanation. It is ‘inmo’ for inmobiliaria (Real Estate), ‘ges’ for gestion (management) and vlc for Valencia.

InmoGesVlc is bilingual, services include: –

  •      Management and maintenance of buildings.
  •      Estate agency to help you buy and sell your home
  •      Projects – Management reports including structural, architectural plans and comprehensive reforms.
  •      Rental Management, including preparing for and receiving rent rental customers.
  •      Legal – Reliable and honest Legal Services
  •      Insurance with a top insurance company, with fair premiums.
  •      Cleaning – service for private homes, offices and buildings
  •      Anti-limescale – Water treatment with HydroFlow’s patented technology

Our mission is to provide good service at a fair price.
Our maxim is “The client comes first.”
The client may not always be right, but always, you come first.

If you need help to find, sell or rent a property in Valencia or need help improving one, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to serve.