Save electricity with a timer

If you use an electric water heater you can reduce your energy bill by using a timer and setting to be on a few hours at the beginning and end of the day.

An electric water + timer + Hydroflow
An electric water + timer + Hydroflow


However there is an undesired side effect, you get even more problems with limescale.  In hard water area, limescale forms when there is a change in temperature or in pressure.  If the water heater is switched on and off, the water will cool down then warm up.  So the water heater will scale up, which has two effects.

1)  limescale absorbs heat.  A layer of scale in the heater and in the pipes will increase the amount of energy consumed to get hot water to shower.

2) the water heater will become clogged up with scale and need to be replaced every 5 years or so.

If you use an electric water heater, you need something to stop the formation of limescale. And that something is the Hydroflow S38 (Itash).

Hydroflow S38/ Itash prevents limescale
Hydroflow S38/ Itash prevents limescale

Hydroflow uses radio waves with signals measure in kiloherz (kHz) to prevent the formation of hard limescale and to dissolve existing limescale.  This is the same Hydroflow that is used to prevent scale in Steam ovens and steam baths and works very well with the very hard water in Spain.

Our sister web site has more info and a very good offer for  on-line customers.  Click AGUAECO to find out more

Haga clic en AGUAECO-ESP para ver la pagina en castellano.

Hydroflow protects a gas water heater
Hydroflow also protects a gas water heater from limescale

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